Address customer needs with future technologies

Get ahead of the IoT conversation and start talking to your customers about what this technology can do for them.

3 State of IoT Security, AT&T, October 2015
2 IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Internet of Things 2017 Predictions, IDC, November 2016
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Untapped Opportunities
$11.1 Trillion in economic value created
in IoT by 20251
75% of IoT Adopters
will turn to outside firms for help2
85% of Businesses
are already considering, exploring or implementing
an IoT strategy3

Uncover new ways to help your customers stay competitive

AT&T Partner Exchange is focused on solution providers and helping you succeed in your IoT journey.

AT&T is a leader of IoT connectivity
AT&T secures more connections than any other communications company in North America
AT&T Partner Exchange has won over 80 awards
Since launched in 2013, AT&T Partner Exchange has been recognized in the channel for its
industry-leading resale program

Navigate the many possibilities of IoT

With leading experts and experience, AT&T is helping companies just like yours in developing new approaches to business.

"There's never been a more exciting time for IoT. Our program is delivering the future to our solution providers by enabling them to resell packaged and repeatable AT&T-branded IoT solutions, while giving them tools and resources to build their own customized solutions. We're empowering our customers to innovate and accelerate their businesses."
- Zee Hussain, Channel Chief
Explore how to build IoT into your mobility
and go-to-market strategies.
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Choose a path for your business

AT&T offers you two distinct paths to help you start:

* LTE is a trademark of ETSI. 4G LTE is not available everywhere.
Plug-in Connectivity
Deploy, manage and scale your IoT solutions with nationwide connectivity through the AT&T 4G LTE* network
Custom-built Solutions
Develop IoT solutions utilizing AT&T certified components
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